Dehorning with Elastrator Bands

Well, out of my 10-goat doe herd, I had two goats who had horns. had horns. The first was my first goat, Rebekah, who already had horns when she was bought. The second was Pippi, a doe acquired during a package deal. Because they threatened other does and their kids with serious injury by goring, I decided to dehorn them. After much research, I decided on using Elastrator bands for the process as it is said to be less stressful than the cut-and-burn method.

The horns took about a month to come off but they did. (Rebekah’s left horn stayed on a week and a half longer than her right one, making her a ‘unicorn.’ Both of Pippi’s came off on the same day.) Both goats’ heads have healed up nicely and are happily going on with life!

Here are some great tutorials on the process:

Here are some before and after pictures:

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