Homemade Herbal Dewormer

Recently, the prices of both Hoegger’s and Molly’s Herbals dewormers went up. Because they are getting so expensive, I have done some research and have found some recipes for homemade herbal wormer. I am ordering the herbs in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs. Because all the herbs are Organic and Red Lake Earth diatomaceous earth is OMRI listed, this dewormer is 100% Organic. Check back soon for updates! This is the recipe I finally chose:

Homemade Herbal Animal Dewormer/Tonic

Dosage: 1 teaspoon for every 30 pounds.


1 cup Black Walnut powder. (not for bred does or horses)



1 cup Cayenne Pepper powdercayenne_powder-product_1x-1409063437


1 cup Cinnamon powdercinnamon_powder-product_1x-1403630984


1/2 cup whole Clovescloves-product_1x-1403631029


1 cup minced Garlicgarlic_minced-product_1x-1403631802

2 cups Ginger Rootginger_root-product_1x-14036318401 cup Mustard seed powdermustard_seed_yellow_powder-product_1x-1403632969

1 cup Psyllium seed powderpsyllium_seed_powder-product_1x-1403633512

2 cups Red Raspberry leafraspberry_leaf-product_1x-1403633559

2 cups Sage leafsage_culinary-product_1x-1403633777

2 cups Thyme leafthyme_leaf-product_1x-1403634331

2 cups WormwoodWormwood_21362-product_1x-1414787930

2 cups Diatomaceous EarthAbsorbent_Products_W102_Red_Lake_Diatomaceous_Earth

As a rule of thumb, use 1 cup of the powdered herbs to 2 cups of the cut herbs, except for the cloves and the diatomaceous earth.


Administer for 7 days, morning and evening, every 6-8 weeks and as needed. Do not use Wormwood or Black Walnut for bred animals; do not use Black Walnut for equines.

Worming Kids: Administer the three day dose starting at 3 weeks of age and repeating every 3-4 weeks until the kids/lambs/calves/etc, are 6 months of age, then then begin them on the 8 week cycle. If you see any diarrhea, immediately administer three days in a row. This also helps prevent coccidiosis.

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