Time to prepare for 2016 Kids!

As the breeding season is coming into full swing, it’s time to start thinking about next spring’s babies! I will be getting our 2016 kidding schedule up by November to start accepting reservations.

We are offering stud service with our Oberhasli and Nigerian Dwarf bucks to eligible does and with our Gulf Coast Native ram to eligible ewes. Stud service is $75 per doe/ewe with boarding offered @ $5 per day.

Oberhasli does and Gulf Coast ewes must be over 80 lbs, and Nigerian does must be over 40 lbs for breeding.

September breedings will result in February kids/lambs, October breedings in March kids/lambs, November breedings in April kids/lams, etc.

***During 2016, I am planning on keeping ALL kids except intact bucklings (and kids #3 and 4 out of triplet/quadruplet litters) on their dams for the entire summer so my milking schedule can be more flexible. Kids will be sold in October 2016 unless other arrangements are made.***

Please contact me or comment below if you want more information about reserving kids or using our stud service.

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