This spring and summer season has been a very busy one down here at the farm. I had 9 goat kids and 2 lambs born, my sheep flock has expanded to 6 members (2 rams and 4 ewes), and I have raised 50 Cornish cross pastured broiler chickens so far using the Polyface Farm method. I am also raising 6 pigs in the woods, 2 for our family, 2 for a friend, and 2 to sell. We are taking a more laissez-faire approach at our garden this year, only growing a few tomatoes, peppers, squash, and cucumbers for ourselves. The rest of the garden area is planted with feed corn, squash, and beans for the animals.

Some of the changes include a new website,, a new logo to go along, and an official SC meat distributor permit, allowing me to sell meat from my chickens, lamb, and pigs! On my new website, I have detailed information about all of our products, from meat and eggs to yarn and soap. Liberty Homestead will continue to be the home of the dairy goat venture and will remain as the flock/herd name.

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