BJ’s Page

The Shadilyn Bejeweld

Born February 25, 2012, BJ came to us in August, 2014. He is ADGA registered American Oberhasli. Stud Service $75.

Rachelsie Nathan’s Parable CH New-Era WT Red-Red Wine Y-Knot Sorek’s Wine Taster +B
F.D.F.-Pleasant-Fields Adar
SG Rachelsie Adrianna 2*M CH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Choo Choo
SG F.D.F.-Pleasant-Fields Adin 1*M
Kickin K Naomi’s Favor Sir Echo Retuui’s Legacy *B Sir Echo Retuui *B
Sir Echo Snitzi 6*M
Drake’s Maggie May Tonka-Tails Copper Tuppence *B
Buttin’Heads Beatrix

5 Generation Pedigree

BJ’s Kids