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Sunnymaples Ruby Red Naomi


Born March 13, 2009, Naomi came to us in August, 2014. She is ADGA registered American Oberhasli. Although Naomi was pretty thin when she came here, she is steadily gaining back condition.

The Ahav PE Horatio Southern Touch BP Producer Southern Touch XBR Bonus
The Dusty Knee’s Pepsi 1*M
The Ahav Bouncing Estelle GGG Calycamp Captain Morgan *B
CH The Ahava CD Bouncing Bet
Oakmoon Paladin Ruby Oakmoon Paladin F.D.F.-Pleasant-Fields Kal *B
Great-Smokies Pretty Girl
Firepink-Holler Esmarelda Catoico’s Little Lipan *B
CH Firepink-Holler Serenade

5 Generation Pedigree

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