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Liberty Homestead Shelby



Shelby’s first-freshening udder; 3 weeks and 5 days fresh, 12 hours fill.

Born March 20, 2013, Shelby was a triplet with two brothers. She is registered with AGS and ADGA.

Sold 6/23/2015


Dreamflower Wyatts Huckleberry The Pet Stork Golden Sunray  Prairie Wood Stanley
Rancho Ton Tey Brianna
Paradise Valley Ebony Moon  Doublegate RWB Moonspots
 Woodhaven Farms Carol Ballard
Shepherd’s Meadows Charlotte Plum Rotten SJ Buckeye Billy  Kids Corral EA Smokey Joe
Plum Rotten BC Miss Lady Blue
Shepherd’s Meadows Ellie Mae Plum Rotten SJ Buckeye Billy
 Lighted Pathways Ethel

5 Generation Pedigree

Shelby’s Kids