2014 Kidding Chart

Unless otherwise noted, all kids will be purebred Nigerian Dwarf. All kids registerable with AGS can also be registered with ADGA, and vice-versa.

ALL kids born on Liberty Homestead Farm will be disbudded. See here for more info.

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 Doe Buck  Notes  Kids
 Luv Lil Mtn Pippi LongstockingPicture7 Peach Tree Farms Jordan SthilPicture17


light gold doeling with blue eyes; red-gold buckling with blue eyes.

Kids registerable with ADGA

 Doeling: Sold

Wether: Sold

 Liberty Homestead RebekahP1170078  Peach Tree Farms Jordan SthilPicture17


buckskin doeling; black buckling with frosted ears and blue eyes.

Kids are 50% Grade

Kids registerable with IDGR

Doeling: Sale Pending

Buckling: Sold

 Shepherd’s Meadows CharlotteIMG_0151 Peach Tree Farms Jordan SthilPicture17


Blue eyes

Kids registerable with AGS & ADGA

Doeling: Sold

Wethers: Sold

Cuckoo’s Nest Ranch TM JoannaPicture11 Peach Tree Farms Jordan SthilPicture17


Black doeling with frosted ears and blue eyes

Kids registerable with AGS & ADGA

 Doeling: Sale Pending
 Rolling S Cherokee RosePicture35 Peach Tree Farms Jordan SthilPicture17


broken bucksking doeling with blue eyes; sundgau buckling

Kids are 7/8 Nigerian Dwarf and 1/8 Nubian

Kids registerable with IDGR & MDGA

Doeling: Sale Pending

Wether: Sale Pending

 Shepherd’s Meadows Ellie MaeJackson with his Dam (2)  Peach Tree Farms Jordan SthilPicture17


All blue eyed chamoisee does.

Kids registerable with with AGS & ADGA

Doe 1: Sale Pending

Doe 2: Sale Pending

Doe 3: Sale Pending

Liberty Homestead Black PepperPicture9  Peach Tree Farms Jordan SthilPicture17 Kidded-6/2/2014
Blue eyes, polled possibleKids will be 25% GradeKids registerable with IDGR
Doeling: Sold
SC Holly Spgs Tuti LialmPicture1   Peach Tree Farms Jordan SthilPicture17


Due to neurological disorders, both kids died shortly after birth.