Stud Service Policy (Sheep)

Liberty Homestead Farm Stud Service Policy (Sheep)

We here at Liberty Homestead Farm agree to let our ram stand for stud service under certain circumstances. These include:

  1. All ewes come from healthy herds, and are free of visible disease (no abscesses whatsoever, no wounds, normal temperature, no diarrhea, FAMACHA score 3 or higher)
  2. All ewes that come to Liberty Homestead Farm for breeding much have proof of testing and negative result for OPP, and Johne’s Disease.
  3. If ewes are from a farm outside of South Carolina or North Carolina, ewes must also be tested and proven to be negative of Tuberculosis and Brucellosis.
  4. Breeder and ewe owner shall discuss terms of stud/ewe breeding arrangements which can include “driveway breeding” or a board and breed arrangement. Boarding a ewe will increase the stud fee charged.
    1. Boarding is $5 per day per ewe, unless otherwise arranged, for feed, water, and board. Any special diets must be provided by owner of ewe.
  5. The appropriate stud fee is paid prior to the breeding. Stud fee amounts will vary based upon the age, lineage and performance of the ram or his offspring, length of stay in breeding pen, etc.
  6. Should the ewe become sick while in the care of Liberty Homestead Farm, the owner of the ewe will cover all veterinarian expenses incurred.
    1. Liberty Homestead Farm will consult with owner of ewe prior to services rendered.
    2. If owners cannot be reached during an emergency, Liberty Homestead Farm will permit any and all veterinarian services to stabilize health of ewe at the owner of the ewe’s expense.
    3. Should a ewe expire while in the custody of Liberty Homestead Farm, Liberty Homestead Farm will not be held responsible unless malicious neglect or negligence is found to be evident as the sole cause of the ewe’s death.
  7. Any additional fees incurred during the breeding stay of a ewe will be paid in full prior to the ewe being released to her owner.
  8. Any ewe left beyond the terms of the “stay and breed” agreement without reconsideration of the terms of the agreement for more than 60 days, may be considered abandoned and surrendered and will become the property of Liberty Homestead Farm.

As part of the Stud Service Policy, Liberty Homestead Farm agrees:

  1. That all our service rams are registered with the GCSBA and/or the IFBR
  2. That all of our senior rams have undergone and passed a OPP test, and that all the dams of our junior rams have undergone and passed a OPP test.
  3. That all rams used for stud service are healthy and free from genetic faults.
  4. That repeat breedings will be available in the case of a ewe that has not “settled,” following previous breedings, up to the point of one year.
  5. In the event that after a ewe has not settled after one year, all stud fees will be refunded. Board fees are non-refundable.
  6. All efforts will be made by the ewe’s owners to certify that she is able to conceive. These include observations of heat, blood work, or other diagnostic tools available to the veterinarian. Liberty Homestead Farm will have tests done on any ram that has failed to successfully breed more than one ewe, and that until the results of that test are known, his service will be withheld.

The ewe’s owner is responsible for reporting any subsequent heats, following the breeding, to confirm pregnancy, or to refute it. We also ask, though do not demand, to be notified of all offspring’s color, numbers and sex, for our records.

We cannot guarantee size, color or sex of any offspring, but will honestly reveal any issues that may have arisen in the production from that ram’s line.

It is our hope that providing stud service from Liberty Homestead Farm will build a stronger Gulf Coast sheep community and breed. We aspire to be good stewards of the species and breed, and to assist anyone involved in the breed anyway possible.

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