Dairy Goats

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My first farm venture was dairy goats, starting with a pair of Nigerians. Since then, I have expanded to and am now focusing on the Oberhasli breed, while still keeping a few Nigerians around. Our dairy goats are raised as naturally as possible using a pasture based method. During the summer, the herd is rotated through paddocks in our pasture to maximize grass growth and utilization. Although pasture forms the main diet of our goats, dairy goats require more calories and carbohydrates than grass provides to keep up with milk production. To meet this need, we supplement our goats diet with non-GMO whole barley and Chaffhaye alfalfa. Our herd also receives seasonal supplementation in the form of excess garden produce, pumpkins during November/December, and periodic copper bolusing. We use herbal dewormers as preventative healthcare and only use chemical dewormers for heavy worm loads, determined using the FAMACHA method. To view the members of our herd, use the links below: