Reservation/Sales Policy Information

Please read the following if you are serious about purchasing from Liberty Homestead Farm!

Kids (and adults) will be sold in PAIRS unless you already have goats at home. Since goats are instinctively herd animals, they require a “buddy” in order to be happy and healthy. We will not sell one goat by itself unless there is already at least one goat at the new home.

A deposit of $50 for wethers or $100 for does/bucks is required to hold a goat of any age. The deposit is NONREFUNDABLE but can be transferred to another animal. If anything happens to the goat out of our control (death, illness, etc.), the deposit WILL be refunded. We reserve the right to retain any animal at anytime during the purchase process. If this happens, your deposit will be refunded.If the deposit is a mailed check or money order, it must have time to clear before pickup. We absolutely will NOT hold a goat or consider a goat as a “sale pending” until we have your deposit in hand.

We do not take monetary deposits before kids are born. We keep a list of names of those who have expressed an interest in a certain goat or in a kid out of a specific doe.

There is no fee to be placed on the reservation list. Those with reservations will be contacted, in order of reserved, when any goat becomes available. After the first person is contacted, he or she has 24 hours to give an answer, if the answer is no, then the next person on the reservation list will be contacted. Once you agree to purchase, any applicable deposits must be received within three days. If not, the next person on the reservation list will be contacted. We do NOT hold goats without a deposit. You have four days (24 hours + 3 days) to send a deposit or the sale will go to the next interested party.

You will be notified when your kid(s) will be weaned and available for pickup. Kids should be picked up within one week after weaning or other agreed upon pickup date. If not picked up by 3 weeks after weaning and no prior arrangements have been made, the goat will stay as property of Liberty Homestead Farm and your deposit and/or full payment will not be refunded. If an adult goat is not picked up within 14 days of the agreed upon pick up date, the same occurs.

Goats sold from Liberty Homestead Farm will be dewormed, disbudded, have their feet trimmed, and have registration applications (if applicable) before leaving. I cannot guarantee the health of any animal after it leaves the farm.

We do not ship goats.