Gulf Coast Native Sheep

Gulf Coast Native sheep are a critically rare heritage breed of sheep that are descended from Spanish sheep brought to the southeast in the 1500s. These sheep are primarily used for meat and wool, but they also yield rich milk for cheese or butter. Gulf Coast Native meat is included in Slow Food USA’s Ark of Taste.

Gulf Coast sheep are highly resistant to internal parasites and footrot, the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station in Gainesville has a flock which has been maintained without the use of anthelmintics (chemical dewormers) since 1962.

More information about the Gulf Coast Native characteristics can be found at these sites:

Our sheep are registered with the GCSBA.

For information about how we raise our sheep and to purchase meat or yarn, please visit

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Our Rams:

IMG_7444 IMG_7445

Brattonsville Mason #GCA 2095H

Born April 1, 2010

IMG_7481 IMG_7496

Amos #GCA 2470

Born March 13, 2015