Other Animals

Here are some of the other animals that reside here at Liberty Homestead Farm.


Our flock of laying hens consists of around 65 hens and 4 roosters. All of our layers are heritage breeds, including Dominiques, Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, and a few “mutts”. We feed our chickens a non-GMO layer feed and non-GMO scratch grains along with food scrap supplementation. Read more about heritage chickens HERE.

We also raise Cornish Rock broiler chickens on pasture for meat. For more information visit www.ferebeefarm.com/chicken


During the summer of 2015, we raised 5 heritage turkeys for meat; the turkey flock consisted of 2 Blue Slate toms, 2 Royal Palm toms, and 1 Royal Palm hen. They were processed the Monday before Thanksgiving and were enjoyed immensely! Read more about heritage turkeys HERE.


We raised our first feeder pigs during the fall and winter of 2014-15. They were Ossabaw Island Hogs, a heritage breed that produces excellent cured meats. Ossabaw pigs are particularly suited for silvopasturing. Our pigs were fed a custom milled, non-GMO hog feed along with supplementation of select food scraps and leftover pumpkins. Read more about heritage pig breeds HERE.

Our pigs were processed in May 2015 at approximately 200+ pounds live weight (estimated with heart girth and length measurements). Their pork was delicious! Pastured heritage pork is a far cry from “the other white meat,” on the contrary, it was red and juicy!

As of October 2016, we have pork available for sale from our pastured pigs. The most recent group consisted of purebred Gloucestershire Old Spots, and also three-way crossed Berkshire/Tamworth/Red Wattle pigs. For more information, visit www.ferebeefarm.com/pigs.