What is “Salad Bar” lamb? — Ferebee Farm

What is “Salad Bar” lamb?
Unlike many ‘grass fed’ systems that feed grass hay and still finish their animals on corn, our lambs are intensively rotated on fresh pasture, usually every 1-2 days. They are never fed any grain whatsoever and constantly receive a bountiful buffet of fresh green forage, hence the term “Salad Bar Lamb.” We don’t use any chemicals in our pasture, and …

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Sheep Shearing Day!

Come on out to the farm for Sheep Shearing Day 2017 on Saturday April 8th! Watch as our rare Gulf Coast Native sheep get their spring “haircuts” and see our baby lambs. Shearing will begin at 10 in the morning, … Continue reading

Reserve Your 2017 Turkey! – Ferebee Farm

Taking reservations for 2017 turkeys! Pre-order yours now! We are now taking reservations for 2017 pastured turkeys. Because of the much higher upfront costs raising turkeys as compared to chickens… Source: Reserve Your 2017 Turkey! – Ferebee Farm … Continue reading

Ferebee Farm: Black Friday Deal

From now through November 30, anyone who buys one or more skeins of our yarn will get a FREE bar of goat’s milk soap!! Our yarn is chemical and dye free; it comes in 4 oz/236 yard skeins of 2 ply … Continue reading

Pastured Pork 2016

For more information about our pigs, pork, and to see original post, please visit www.FerebeeFarm.com Our pork is here!! We just picked it up from the processor today! We have plenty of bacon, jowls, sausage, pork chops, boston butt roasts, … Continue reading

2016 York County Fall Livestock Show — Ferebee Farm

Last weekend (September 3rd) my younger brother Timothy and I took our 3 market lambs to the county youth livestock show. Because our heritage Gulf Coast Native sheep don’t necessarily conform to industry standards, we […] MORE via 2016 York County Fall … Continue reading


This spring and summer season has been a very busy one down here at the farm. I had 9 goat kids and 2 lambs born, my sheep flock has expanded to 6 members (2 rams and 4 ewes), and I have raised … Continue reading

The Big Question: What is a LGD?

In my work with LGDs (Livestock Guardian Dogs), I ran into this question more than any other.  It takes many different forms, but essentially what everyone wants to know is what a LGD is, what a LG… Source: The Big … Continue reading