Pigaerator Pork

I use a deep-bedding method to bed down my goats during the winter, adding fresh bedding over top of each soiled layer. The lower layers compost, generating warmth, while the top is clean and fresh. While this is very helpful during the winter, it is not easy to clean out by hand! So, last fall before I put in the first layer, I added a large layer of whole corn. The corn ferments, making it a very tasty incentive for my four-legged employees…the pigs! I read about using pigs to turn bedding pack in Joel Salatin’s book, You Can Farm.

The pigs turn up the bedding pack, changing it from smelly, anaerobic compost to sweet smelling aerobic compost (hence, pigaerator pork)…perfect for the garden or the pasture!

I also built a new door for the doe barn 🙂IMG_6054

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