2017 Breeding Schedule

Page Updated 04/18/2017

Unless otherwise noted, all kids will be ADGA registerable.

Most bucklings not spoken for will be wethered (castrated). Wethers will be $100 each. Wethers are reserved separately from the main reservation list. Wethers are the ideal pet goat as they do not have to be milked like does, and they don’t smell or have the unpleasant habits of intact bucks.

Oberhasli wethers and bucks are ideal pack or cart goats as they have little fear of water, have calm personalities, and can carry sizable loads. More info about goat packing can be found here: http://workinggoats.com/

All dairy goat kids born on Liberty Homestead Farm will be disbudded. See here for more info.

Trades or partial trades for tested and healthy, hornless, goats/kids or sheep/lambs may be considered.

All kids (except intact bucklings and third/fourth kids out of triplet/quadruplet litters) will be kept on their dams through the summer and will be weaned and available for pickup in October. A deposit of $100 will be required to hold any kid ($50 deposit for wethers)


  • PB = Purebred
  • AM = American
  • RG = Recorded Grade
  • ND = Nigerian Dwarf
  • OB = Oberhasli
  • B = Buck
  • D = Doe
  • W = Wether

Reservation Form

Liberty Homestead Farm Sales Policy

  • 1 Gulf Coast Native ram lamb reserved

Goat Breeding Schedule:

Doe Buck Due Kids Price Breed Registry
Naomi BJ March 2017

1 buckling (sale pending)

1 doeling (most likely retained, may be willing to trade for an unrelated Oberhasli doeling of similar quality)

$600 AM OB ADGA ADGA Planned Pedigree
Rebekah Cannoli March 2017 single buckling available $400 RG ND IDGR
Flicka Hampton March 2017 single buckling available $600 PB ND ADGA ADGA Planned Pedigree
Carolina Pierre March 2017

single buckling available


$450 PB ND ADGA ADGA Planned Pedigree