February 17th, 2015 Update

Farm Update…

Josie kidded on the 8th with doeling/buckling twins, Shelby kidded on the 14th with twins as well: 1 doeling and 1 buckling.

Last night, (February 16th-17th) we had an ice storm, making everything sparkly and white in the morning. (and slick roads too) Dixie, being 5/8 Great Pyrenees, enjoyed the slick, cold weather immensely.

Meet Josie’s twins!

Picture15Breakfast, Yum!

Picture14Shelby says hello! (sorry, not very clear picture, she kept moving 🙂 )


Shelby’s kids! A solid black doeling and a broken dark buckskin buckling!

Picture13 Picture12


Picture8The goats enjoyed the branches that the ice pulled down for them!


Here are some more pictures of the aftermath of the ice storm:

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