Riding Goats

Here are some pictures and a video of my little sister riding BJ the Oberhasli buck, aka: the “racegoat.” Now that the breeding season, and the accompanying buck smell is over (at least for the Oberhaslis) BJ makes for a great “pony ride!” He is very willing to work, and very strong too! I wonder what the people driving by thought…LOL! 🙂


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Riding Goats — 2 Comments

  1. Have all your goats kidded? I was on your waiting list but realize the chances of receiving a goat this year were slim.

    • No, not all of the goats have kidded, Your chances are still pretty slim since the list is so full and you are near the end, but I do still have 5 does due to kid.
      Anything can happen! (I know that from experience 🙂 )
      There is one due in March, 2 in April, 1 in May, and 1 in July.
      If there aren’t any available this year, you can get in the front of next years list.