Here are some pictures of our newest arrivals, 2 Gulf Coast Native ewe lambs from Historic Brattonsville! So far they don’t have names (still working on that) suggestions would be appreciated! Because they weren’t handled much, they are still somewhat wild, but we are working on taming them little by little. Surprisingly, they took right to Dixie, following her around the pasture. While the goat kids love their new friends, the adult does aren’t quite sure they like the newcomers! : )

For name suggestions, you can refer to them by ear tag number. In the first (top) photo, the lamb on the left is number 46 and the lamb on the right is number 43. The order (left to right) is the opposite in the rest of the pictures.

Checking out their new home (that’s Dixie’s ball they’re standing beside):IMG_6326IMG_6325


Exploring the pasture:IMG_6322 IMG_6324

Hanging out getting to know each other (their wool is so soft!):IMG_6329

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